Hi and welcome to Zero Waste Bali. I am Silvija Rumiha, the founder of Zero Waste Bali and I have been living in Bali since 2011 and absolutely love it! Through my adventures with my family in Bali we have encountered some beautiful scenery, swam with the awesome marine life and enjoyed many great times. On my recent family snorkeling trip I was seriously shocked at the amount of plastic that was in the ocean on route to our destination and also when we were swimming in the ocean. The amount of rubbish that is found in the rivers, along side of the roads and in the beautiful mountain regions of Bali are so disturbing.

Having a food delivery service called Mini Muncher that caters organic baby and kids meals, healthy snacks and treats for all I totally understand the amount of waste that can be produced. Previously our products were packaged in plastic containers that we encouraged to be reused. After some of our recent family adventures I decided to make changes in the packaging.  I have transitioned to glass jars and we have gone label free too. Yes you read that right, label free. To help reduce waste and simply dumping of the jars we ask our customers to let us know when the jars are empty so that we can collect them and sterilize to reuse with our products. I further want to help reduce plastic waste by opening Bali’s First Zero Waste Bulk Food Store.

I encourage customers to bring their own containers, mesh bags or jars to fill and to reuse what they currently have to help reduce the plastic waste problem. With the current situation of the earth drowning in plastic it is imperative that we act now and make simple changes. I am thrilled to be part of the solution not only through the bulk food store but also educating students in schools, hosting and speaking at  events and also consulting to business’ and hotels and villas in Bali on how they too can make a difference. Every small act will have an impact and this is something I love being part of!

I have made some simple changes in my work life and home life that I hope will make a change to my children’s future and there’s. I love sharing what I do via my monthly newsletters and via social media. In my daily life I cook healthy whole food and seasonal recipes and share these with you too. I do my best to clean my home with non chemical detergents and have been doing my best to minimize possessions.

Going zero waste isn’t about being perfect and having no waste. It is your own personal journey about reducing the amount of waste you produce. Being mindful about your consumption and purchases and living as simply as you can. This will vary with each and every one of us however together we can make a difference.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of less waste. Whether you make one change, shop with us at Zero Waste Bali  or enjoy reading the blog or posts on social media, I hope to inspire you to Be The Change.



The Zero Waste Bali goal is to assist and guide people to change their lifestyle and practices and make small and simple changes in reducing the waste they produce by offering and end solution via the bulk food store and eco products offered that are plastic and package free. Together we can reduce plastic, remove harmful chemicals from our home, and reduce our waste.

Our choices can make a big difference to the Earth and our future.

This is the beginning of the Zero Waste Bali journey in providing and educating others to reduce reuse and recycle wherever they can. I am not perfect and have a long way to go to be totally zero waste however if we don’t try make small changes the problem will continue to grow. Join us in our journey where we will offer solutions, share tips, whole food recipes and some easy changes we are doing along the way.


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