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Alfalfa Powder / Gram

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Alfalfa Powder

Origin : Indonesia

Alfalfa has been shown to help lower cholesterol, and may also have benefits for blood sugar control and relieving symptoms of menopause. People also take it for its high content of antioxidants, vitamins C and K, copper, folate and magnesium.


There are a number of impressive health benefits associated with alfalfa, including its ability to lower cholesterol levels, improve digestion and protect heart health. It also helps improve respiratory conditions, detoxify the body, aid immunity, speed healing, and reduce inflammation. Apart from this, it has anticancer properties.

Alfalfa Nutrition Facts
With high levels of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and a variety of proteins and other important minerals, adding alfalfa sprouts to salads and sandwiches is an easy way to give yourself a nutritious boost. The fiber content and nutritional profile that benefits animals are slightly different than the part of the plant humans tend to eat, but the value is clear.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels
Alfalfa has shown that it has an impressive amount of dietary fiber, which is very important in the battle against cholesterol. In addition to numerous other chemical compounds, called saponins, fiber can attach to cholesterol and prevent it from locking on to arterial walls. This also helps balance HDL (good) cholesterol levels in the body. This can prevent the buildup of plaque, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

Reduces Inflammation
This plant was often used in the traditional treatment of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Alfalfa possesses high levels of vitamin C and vitamin B, as well as calcium and antioxidant compounds. All of these can reduce inflammation in the joints and around the body, while also strengthening the immune system and preventing chronic disease and oxidative stress. 

Improves Bowel Movements
Dietary fiber is heavily relied on by the body to monitor and optimize digestive health. Dietary fiber is not only able to bulk up the stool and speed up its movement through the bowels, but it can also reduce inflammation in the gut. Thus it helps in clearing up issues like indigestion, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, constipation, and a bacterial imbalance in the gut microflora. Therefore, it is advised to consume alfalfa tablets regularly for a better bowel movement.

Speeds up Healing
In its more traditional usage, alfalfa sprouts were used to make a poultice to apply to wounds and injuries to induce faster healing and the prevention of infection. The antioxidant components protected the exposed area, while other minerals and nutrients stimulated blood flow to the area and increased the rate of repair and healing. The high supply of protein in alfalfa tablets, when consumed, is also a major boost to growth, development, and repair.

Boosts Immune System
With a high content of vitamin C, this sprout is an ideal booster for your immune system. Vitamin C not only stimulates the production of white blood cells but also acts as an antioxidant to eliminate oxidative stress. Furthermore, B vitamins and vitamin E also act as metabolic regulators and antioxidant compounds throughout the body, and both of those are also found in this unassuming sprout.

Detoxifies the Body
Alfalfa has been widely used around the world in the treatment of kidney conditions, namely due to its diuretic properties. By stimulating more frequent urination, alfalfa is able to speed up the detoxification of the body, along with excess salts, fats, and water.


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