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Chocolate Acai / Each

Chocolate Acai / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Chocolate Acai / Each

 Raw Vegan Chocolate Acai

Origin: Indonesia

Sweet and tart, this bar joins acai and chewy cranberries to create a berry blast. Acai is an abundant source of antioxidants, omega fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin A, and dietary fiber.  56 grams / 65% cacao

INGREDIENTS: Cacao nibs*, Coconut sugar*, Cacao butter*, Cranberries, Acai powder*, Blueberry essence* (*Organic).
For maximum elevation store below 25 degrees


About Chocolate Bar Acai

This sophisticated blend of acai  combined with cacao is the ultimate berry blast of a chocolate bar! The  Açai Bar offers one of the most delectable, satisfying ways to access the many benefits of healing antioxidants. Damage from free-radicals is one of the primary forces behind premature aging of the skin and other bodily organs.

What if there were a convenient way to get an abundant dose of protection from free radicals that was also delicious and offered additional benefits to our mental focus and concentration? The Açai Bar combines the profound antioxidant protection of Açai with the newly recognized therapeutic qualities of raw, dark chocolate. Cacao and açai,  have been revered for generations for their healing properties, yet only in modern times have antioxidants been revealed as the key to their restorative, youthening actions.

PIRT No. 3.10.5102.01.0433.22

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