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Cloth Diaper / Each

Cloth Diaper / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Cloth Diaper / Each

Cloth Diaper

Cloth diapers can be easy to use. With so many options that are cute and simple to use, getting started is easy.

Why Cloth Diaper?

Help you Save Money!

In the first year alone, disposable diapers could cost you upwards of $1000! Invest that money in reusable cloth diapers instead and save big. If you have more than one child, your diapers can continue to be reused and the money savings just continues to grow!

Environmentally Friendly!

From fewer chemicals used in manufacturing to less diapers in landfills, this will make both you and the environment smile.

Healthier Option!

Fewer chemicals on baby's bottom means less worries for you! The ultra soft and ultra absorbent fabrics can not only have fewer chemicals than disposables, but can also reduce diaper rash for many babies. By reducing chemicals on their sensitive skin and helping quickly absorb moisture to keep baby feeling dry, cloth diapers can help keep those perfect baby bottoms rash free.


Have you seen a cloth diaper on tush? So many cute colors, patterns, styles, and adorable accessories! Many families start to save money and fall in love with all of the cute options along the way.

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