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Covita - Grape / Each

Covita - Grape / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Covita - Grape / Each

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 Covita - Grape

It is a refreshing and light, sparkling probiotic drink. Made from Living 'Tibicos' Crystal Cultures, (originates from the pads of the opuntia cactus) fermented with fruits and roots to create natural carbonated bubbles with benefits. Sparkling Probiotic drink treats food poisoning (Bali Belly), boosts digestion and immunity, restores microflora and stimulates weight loss. It's the healthiest alternative to traditional fruit sodas.

Uplift your body. Extra health benefits of grape: Keep your lungs healthy. 
Ingredients: Grape, water, less than 3% beneficial already fermented cane sugar, Tibicos live cultures.

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