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Fitted Reusable Diaper / Each

Fitted Reusable Diaper / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Fitted Reusable Diaper / Each

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Fitted Reusable Diapers

Fitteds hold a weird spot in the cloth diaper world- not quite a ready-to-wear diaper, not quite a cheap prefold. They confuse all newbies because they often LOOK just like a waterproof diaper (many caregivers have found out they aren€™t waterproof the hard way) and some of their price tags can be enough to scare parents away.


What is a Fitted Diaper?

  • contoured in shape

  • snaps or hook & loop closures available

  • elastic around legs to contain leaks

  • easy to put on - no folding required

  • very absorbent

  • must be used with a waterproof diaper cover


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