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Granola Vanilla Coconut / Gram

Granola Vanilla Coconut / Gram - Zero Waste Bali

Granola Vanilla Coconut / Gram

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Granola Vanilla Coconut Origin: Indonesia

Pumpkin, coconut flake, rolled oat, sun flower, coconut oil, nectar, flaxseed, cinnamon.  This granola is absolutely amazing with the flavors of vanilla and coconut. It stays super crunchy in milk or yogurt without getting soggy before you’re even done with the first bite. AKA my biggest granola pet-peeve. That’s how you know you’ve got some darn good granola.


Pumpkin, coconut flake, rolled oat, sun flower, coconut oil, nectar, flaxseed, cinnamon.

Benefit of Granola

1. Skin Care

Granola is a good source of vitamin E, also known as alpha-tocopherol, and a single serving can provide you with almost 20% of your daily requirement. Vitamin E affects a number of bodily processes, including the protection of skin from premature aging, sunburn, and wrinkles, strengthening capillary walls and improving heart health, and increasing blood flow to extremities so hair follicles and nails retain their integrity.

2. Regulated Blood Sugar

The manganese content in granola is astonishingly high and the effects that it can have on the body are quite impressive. In terms of diabetes management, manganese is a regulator of blood sugar in the body and can stimulate or inhibit the release of insulin.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Granola’s effect on reducing the blood pressure obviously helps heart health as well, by relieving the strain on the cardiovascular system, and also lowering the chances of atherosclerosis, strokes, and other potentially deadly conditions.

4. Boosted Cognition

People often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that it keeps your brain working throughout the day. That is especially true if you add granola to that since it reduces blood pressure in the body. By being high in potassium and low in sodium, granola helps with hypertension by acting as a vasodilator.

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