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Grapeseed Oil Haple 30ml / Each

Grapeseed Oil Haple 30ml / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Grapeseed Oil Haple 30ml / Each

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30ml Grapeseed Oil Haple

100% Pure and certified oil imported from Spain, cold pressed-Refined-chemicals free.

Here's the benefits you can get from our Grapeseed Oil :

-acne prone treatment and helping prevent acne

-tighten the skin and minimise pore size

-non-comedogenic and effective on cleaning blackheads

-oil control

-healing breakouts and cleaning acne scars

-rich in linoleic acid and high antioxidant

-absorbs easily into the skin

-heal wounds faster

You can also use it for your hair as it is very nourishing and will strengthen your hair. It can also be massaged in the scalp to stimulate blood circulation which promotes hair growth.


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