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Kaliandra Blossom Honey / Each

Kaliandra Blossom Honey / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Kaliandra Blossom Honey / Each

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340g Kaliandra Blossom Honey

Kaliandra Honey is taken from the type of honey produced by bees Apis Melliferra who served in the special interest Kaliandra. That usually grows in forests and grow wild in the area of East Java. This type of  honey is primarily use for maintaining female beauty by having healthier and brighter skin

Sometimes honey Kaliandra sweet, slightly sweet, even occasionally sweet bitter. This is because the flowering of Kaliadra at the site to coincide with the mekarnya of other flowers. Although the color and taste, and often changed, but honey Kaliandra keep famous has many benefits of honey and natural taste.

Honey is good medicine for people with anemia, gastric, inflammatory bowel, can strengthen the heart and kidneys, and can help eliminate the habit of bed wetting in children, as well as many more other benefits.

Kaliandra honey is an useful medical treatment and helps healing for:

    • Digestive system

    • High blood pressure

    • Make a good sleep

    • Cancer

    • Burns

    • Increases Endurance

    • Increases production of hormones

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