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Kefir - 650ml / Each

Kefir - 650ml / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Kefir - 650ml / Each

Regular price 50,000.00

Origin: Bali, Indonesia

Shelve Life : 2 - 4 days

Weight: 650ml

Ingredient : fresh cow’s milk, living yogurt cultures: a. acidophilus, l. bulgaricus, s.thermophilus and bifidobacterium lactis

Special Features: For optimal use and zero waste we ask a preorder be made either by Tuesday 1pm for collection/delivery Wednesday or Thursday 1pm for collection/delivery  Friday. Fresh products shelf life is shorter and the product is produced the same day as receiving the product.

fresh product produce every day, not freeze in eco-friendly packaging glass bottle.


Smooth, tart, creamy, and delicious. No surprise ? it's our best seller.
Crafted with pure, simple ingredients, and minimally processed.
Our Kefir is slowly cultured and vat-set. Unlike other kefirs, which are incubated inside their plastic bottles, we make our Kefir in stainless-steel vats and fill the recyclable glass bottles with cooled Kefir.
An irreplaceable source of useful lactobacilli, improves digestion and restores intestinal microflora.
No added GMOs, thickeners, stabilizers, preservatives or any other artificial ingredients.
Taste the difference!
Enjoy it at breakfast topped with fruit or in a smoothie or lassi. It is also a versatile culinary ingredient for creating soup bases, dressing up vegetables, and cooling spicy foods.

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