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Laundry Soap (3 in 1)

Laundry Soap (3 in 1) / Gram - Zero Waste Bali

Laundry Soap (3 in 1)

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Laundry Soap (3 in 1)/100ml

Our soap is perfect for washing clothes, dishes and floors. Made with natural ingredients this liquid gold as we like to call it is loved by many of our customers.

3 in 1 ingredients : water, coconut oil, KOH essential oils ethanol.


About Laundry Soap / Laundry Detergent

If you look at the list of ingredients on most commercial laundry detergents, you’ll probably notice that surfactants are listed. This ingredient is a wetting agent that helps water penetrate fabrics. The term “surfactants” isn’t just one ingredient but a reference to a number of different chemical ingredients. Surfactants can release benzene, a toxin linked to cancer and reproductive disorders.

It was a little frustrating for me to find out that many of the chemicals that are used in brand name detergents aren’t really geared toward keeping our clothes clean. In fact, most detergents are simply aesthetic enhancers, only improving the smell and appearance of clothing. The ingredients in these detergents are known to agitate our health and can contribute to allergies.

Organic laundry detergent does not contain chlorine, phosphates, and other artificial additives that are dangerous to your health. They are also free of synthetic dyes and perfumes, both of which can cause allergic reactions in some people and skin outbreaks in others.

Chemicals found in conventional laundry detergent release fumes that are constantly inhaled throughout the day. Breathing in chemical fumes, even at minute concentrations, may have damaging consequences. When you use organic laundry soap, you and your family are avoiding those dangers.

Detergents that are made with natural, certified ingredients are more gentle on fabrics, healthier for our bodies, and safer for every living thing.

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