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Organic Arabica Medium Roast Coffee / gram

Organic Arabica Medium Roast Coffee / gram

Organic Arabica Medium Roast Coffee / gram

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Organic Arabica Medium Roast Coffee / gram

Origin : Bali, Indonesia


Medium roasted coffees are medium brown in color with more body than light roasts. Like the lighter roasts, they have no oil on the bean surfaces. However, medium roasts lack the grainy taste of the light roasts, exhibiting more balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity

These coffees have a medium acidity and body, as well as a rounded flavor profile. Roasting to this level also preserves many of the unique flavors of the coffee's origin, but it also begins to reach into the deep caramel sweetness of a longer roast.

Medium roast coffee is the perfect middle ground with the most body and richness of flavor. It's also the richest in health-boosting antioxidants. Dark roast coffee is roasted the longest, creating a stronger taste that's more smokey and bitter.

Our Coffee comes from local Bali Farmers. Processed, graded and roasted professionally in eco conscious community based cafe.

Enjoy this delicous coffee and help support local farmers and business in Bali.

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