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Fresh Pasteurize cow milk - 1L / Each

Fresh Pasteurize cow milk - 1L / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Fresh Pasteurize cow milk - 1L / Each

Regular price 56.000,00 IDR

Origin: Bali, Indonesia

Shelve Life : 7 days

Weight: 1L

Ingredient : raw cow milk, fat 4%

Special Features: fresh product produce every day, not freeze in eco-friendly packaging glass bottle.

Return us the milk bottles and get refund cash Rp. 25,000.

Keep Bali clean with zero waste  


Raw full fat milk - keep milk 24 hours in your fridge below 4c (40f) and preferably in the back, to keep it coldest. Fresh pasteurized milk from happy cows.
The farm consists of 200 acres of organic land and a herd of 35 milking naturally feed Australian cows producing 300,000L.

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