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Red Sauerkraut 300 gram

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Red Sauerkraut 300 Gram

original recipe
origin: Bali

Sauerkraut or "sour cabbage" is finely cut raw cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria.

Sauerkraut is incredibly nutritious and healthy. It provides probiotics and vitamin K2, which are known for their health benefits, and many other nutrients. Eating sauerkraut may help you strengthen your immune system, improve your digestion, reduce your risk of certain diseases, and even lose weight.

it is versatile pickle that will light up your food. mix and match this tangy goodness with your burger, tuna salad, deviled egg or a simple grilled cheese sandwich, a touch of sauerkraut will elevate your dish.

Ours is made of fresh organic ingredients

Ingredients: cabbage, vinegar, salt

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