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Reusable Dish Wash Sponge / Each

Reusable Dish Wash Sponge / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Reusable Dish Wash Sponge / Each

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Reusable dish wash

Made in Bali. This reusable dish wash sponge is made from gunny sack and filled with coconut husk. These are durable and will help you clean even the roughest stain or structure in the dish or even the dishwasher. 

Wiping away the spills, drips and stains of everyday life is a necessary chore but it shouldn't cost you the earth. Every kitchen has to have the humble sponge and it gets used daily. So why not create a great product that absorbs spills and can remove difficult to shift stains but that is sustainable and ethically produced from recycled materials? 

Once you can no longer use the dish wash sponge simply compost it. Great for you and great for the earth. Plastic free sponges that are locally made and give benefits of more than just a regular sponge.

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