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Safety Razor / Each

Safety Razor / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Safety Razor / Each

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Safety Razor

Ditch the plastic shaver for this durable stainless steel razor! Be the change and help the environment and get a better shave too!

About Safety Razor

Why use a safety razor? The benefits of a classic wet shave are numerous, but let's explore just three convincing benefits of using a safety razor.

1. Safety Razors are better for you!

Yep, quite simply, father (or grandfather) does know best. Shaving the old-fashioned way -- with a safety razor -- is better for you. Using one blade causes less irritation than the multiple blade cartridges marketed by the big corporations. Instead of scraping your face 5 times in one pass, you simply use one, very effective blade. Less scraping=less irritation.

In addition, safety razors are easier to clean so they don’t harbor as much gunk. Hence, you get fewer infections/irritations from getting all that nastiness into the minuscule cuts and nicks you get from shaving. Traditional wet shaving also highlights exceptionally nourishing soaps and creams that you whip into protective, moisturizing lathers much better for your skin than canned foams with their chemicals and air, which do almost nothing to truly lubricate and protect your face.

2. Safety Razors are better for your wallet!

Yes, after an initial investment, it is much more cost effective to use a safety razor than a cartridge. Buying expensive cartridge razor head replacements will set you back. You will spend HALF as much on safety razor blades.

3. A Safety Razor is better for your relationships!

Well, we like to think so anyway. The shave you get from a classic safety razor is close and BBS (baby butt smooth). Add a signature scent and you are sure to be nearly irresistible to your significant other. And the confidence gained from good grooming goes a long way toward establishing a magnetic self-possession.

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