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Sour Cream / Each

Sour Cream / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Sour Cream / Each


Sour cream / 200gr Glass Jar

Our sour cream is truly amazing and we are proud to be able to serve such an high quality product. Unlike all other our sour crème contain around 17% fat (all other 10%). This we do cause the taste is better, the cream more sticky and..ah just try urself you will understand the difference

Origin: Bali, Indonesia


Sour Cream

Bali-Alm sour crème is a real high level product creamy sticky and stable. 17% fat make the product super tasty and much better than ordinary sour crème from our competitors who only have 10% fat.

Through the high amount of fat the sour crème keeps longer the form in tropical surroundings. Try yourself and see the difference.

100% handcrafted in Bali.

Weight: 200gr

Shelve Life : 4 Weeks

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