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Toilet Brush / Each

Toilet Brush / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Toilet Brush / Each

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Toilet Brush

Generally the toilet brush is used with toilet cleaner or bleach. The toilet brush can be used to clean the upper area of the toilet, around the bowl. 

The first question for any good toilet brush is, ‘will it get my yucky toilet clean?’ The primary qualities of a good toilet brush are simple: robust construction, durability and the ability to withstand repeated use without bending or breaking.

However, for those who care about appearances, functionality isn’t everything. A good brush will be well-designed and aesthetically pleasing and should blend into your home rather than stand out like a sore thumb. Some people want a toilet brush that won’t clash with their home’s existing decor. At the same time, if it can’t clean your toilet, it doesn’t matter how nice it looks.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Good Toilet Brush?

Of course, this is an easy answer. Getting your toilet clean each and every time that you scrub it is a hallmark of a good toilet brush. Whether you clean your toilet once a week or once a day, you want to be sure you have a top rated toilet brush for cleaning. Reliability and knowing that it will do the ‘crappiest’ job in your home when you need it to makes it a good toilet brush.

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