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Ubud Candles

Ubud Candles

Ubud Candles

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Produced by pressing the Oil out of the Coconut meat and by process of filtering and cleaning, you are left with the 100% Natural and Biodegradable Coconut Wax, which is a clear White when solid. Coconut wax is of natural origin, which is a light and non-greasy moisturising emollient suitable for body butters, balms, skin cream and face care products. Coconut Wax has a light colour and excellent storage stability with low iodine value, so no / little oxidation is possible.

It has good chemical compatibility with many natural fragrances and oils.

Cococnut and Frangipani

100% plant-based wax

Benzene-free (paraffin-free)

Hexane-free (soy-free)

Non-toxic Soot-free

Longer burning time


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