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100gr Cannelini Beans

White kidney beans are abundant in protein. They also contain copious amounts of antioxidants,dietary fiber, and iron. Cannellini beans also have a lot of vitamin K. The mineral range of white kidney beans is also vast; they contain an abundance of phosphorous, coppercalcium, potassium, molybdenum and manganese.


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What are Cannellini Beans?
White kidney beans are the second name for cannellini beans. Cannellini beans are native to Americas and South America. They are quite popular in absorbing the spice flavors and for their texture. The subtle taste that they offer always makes an excellent combination with other ingredients that you add with them. They are the most cherished cooked beans in the regions of Asia and South Asia and also in most other parts of the world. They taste amazing even when cooked in curry alone and are jam-packed with nutritional benefits. Take a look at the nutritional value and health benefits of the cannellini beans below:

Nutritional Value of Cannellini Beans
There is a host of benefits that white kidney beans offer as they are bursting with nutrients and minerals that are exceedingly good for health. The most important advantage of white kidney beans is that they help prevent the body from a lot of harmful toxins as they strengthen the immune system to a great extent. White kidney beans are abundant in protein. They also contain copious amounts of antioxidants, dietary fiber, and iron. Cannellini beans also have a lot of vitamin K. The mineral range of white kidney beans is also vast; they contain an abundance of phosphorous, copper, calcium, potassium, molybdenum and manganese. Cannellini beans are an ideal natural dietary supplement to cure cardiovascular diseases, several types of cancer, high cholesterol related complications, heightened blood sugar levels. It may also prove to be beneficial in the treatment of colorectal adenomas and prevention of wrinkles.

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Cannellini Beans

1. Enhances Cardiovascular Health
White kidney beans have amazing qualities that help in reducing the heightened cholesterol levels. Due to this ability, the coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest and stroke risks are reduced to minimal. Copious amounts of folate present in the white kidney beans are also highly beneficial for decreasing the levels of homocysteine in the blood.

2. Bursting with Protein
White kidney/ cannellini beans are well known to be the best sources of lentil based protein. The protein amount present in the beans equals the presence of it in dairy and meat-based products. Protein is considered to be the most important macronutrient for muscle growth health. It not only helps a person look leaner but also improves their overall activity levels keeping them feel full and satiated for longer.

3. Combat Cancer Cells

Cannellini beans are a great source of flavonoids and phytochemicals which are highly beneficial in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Being rich in fiber, cannellini beans help wash off the toxins from the body, thereby preventing cancer cells from spreading.

4. Enhances Cognitive Functioning

Thiamine, also known as vitamin B1, supports the functioning of brain cells thereby enhancing the executive cognitive abilities and white kidney beans are a great source of thiamine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that promotes good cognitive health and thiamine is found to enhance the growth of this neurotransmitter.

5. Boosts and Maintains Energy

White kidney beans have a low glycemic index and soluble fiber content. Together, these abilities provide an immediate energy boost to the body.

Copious amounts of protein in the white kidney beans also provide the body with a lot of energy and keeps it feeling satiated and active for more extended time periods.

6. Wondrous Iron Supplement

Iron is very significant in maintaining optimal levels of hemoglobin in blood, and cannellini beans are one of the most abundant sources of iron found in lentil family. Adequate amounts of the consumption of white kidney beans are highly beneficial is preventing an individual from blood and related diseases.

7. Optimizes Blood Circulation

Magnesium is in abundance in white kidney beans. Magnesium is found to be highly efficacious in nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction, and maintenance of heart rhythm. It is also beneficial in keeping the arteries healthy. Therefore, white kidney beans are highly advantageous for optimal flow of blood in the entire body.

8. Helps in Detoxification

Molybdenum is a component in white kidney beans that helps detox the body and removes toxins from it. The component aids the detoxifying enzymes, such as aldehyde oxidase and sulfite oxidase, in functioning optimally.

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