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100gr Chickpeas

As a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, chickpeas may offer a variety of health benefits, such as improving digestion, aiding weight management and reducing the risk of several diseases. Additionally, chickpeas are high in protein and make an excellent replacement for meat in vegetarian and vegan diets.



 Benefits of Chickpeas Nutrition
What are the health benefits of chickpeas? With so many vitamins and nutrients, chickpeas benefit the body in a number of different ways. Here are the top eight benefits of chickpeas:

1. Provides Slow-Releasing Carbohydrates
Chickpeas, like all legumes, are a form of complex carbohydrate that the body is able to slowly digest and use for energy. This is essential, as all carbohydrates are not created equal; some quickly raise blood sugar levels and lead to “spikes and dips” in energy (these are called simple or fast carbs), while others do the opposite and give us sustained fuel (these are called complex carbs).

Even very low-carb diets require you to get at least 25 grams of carbs per day, and a small serving of chickpeas can help to provide some of these carbohydrates.

2. Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels
Are chickpeas good for a low-carb diet? In most cases, yes, because they are considered a “slow carb.” Chickpeas nutrition includes starch, which is a slow-burning carbohydrate that the body does not react to by suddenly spiking glucose in the blood. Unlike simple sugars — found in processed products like refined flour, white bread, pasta, soda, candy and most other packaged foods — the starches found in chickpeas take an extended period of time to break down once consumed.

Are chickpeas good for diabetics? Yes, they are a safe source of carbs even for people who benefit from a lower-carb diet. Starches contain natural sugars called glucose, which the body uses easily for many essential functions, but glucose can be troublesome for people who are prediabetic or who have diabetes. The process of digesting and utilizing the glucose found in all beans and starches is drawn-out, which is extremely important for diabetics, who have trouble reaching a stable blood sugar level after contain sugars due to a resistance to insulin.

3. Increases Satiety and Helps with Weight Loss
Chickpeas are high in both protein and fiber, which helps make you feel full, curb food cravings and hopefully reduce unhealthy snacking. Studies have shown that consuming fiber is correlated with having a lower body weight. Beans make a filling addition to any recipe because of their fiber, complex carbs and protein.

Chickpeas nutrition has macro-nutrients that work together to give us a feeling of being full after eating, while also helping control our blood sugar levels and therefore maintaining our energy. Frequently consuming foods like fat-burning garbanzo beans is an excellent way to aid in healthy and sustainable weight loss. The feeling of satiety makes you less likely to snack on empty-calorie, processed junk foods between meals, which can stall your weight loss.

Chickpeas are even more filling if you pair them with other nutritious whole-foods, like vegetables or organic goat cheese. Because they are so low in calories but high in essential fiber and protein, they are a perfect food for those that need to lose some weight but who are watching calorie intake.

4. Improves Digestion Thanks to a High Fiber Content
Chickpeas are among the top high-fiber foods with roughly six to seven grams per half cup serving. Unfortunately, the modern western diet that many Americans consume leaves them deficient in dietary fiber.

A major benefit of chickpeas nutrition is helping reduce constipation. Fiber facilitates in healthy digestion by quickly moving foods through the digestive tract, helping decrease symptoms of IBS and constipation. Fiber works by drawing fluids from the body and binding them to the bulk of forming stool, which contains toxins and waste that must be removed from the body. Fiber also helps balance pH levels and bacteria within the gut, increasing healthy bacteria while also decreasing unhealthy bacteria. An imbalance in gut flora bacteria is often linked to many different digestive problems.

The high amount of fiber in garbanzo beans is responsible for its filling effect and helps improve digestion, but it does much more than this. Fiber aids in heart health, helps control blood sugar levels, and guards against cancer, heart disease, diverticulitis, kidney stones, PMS, obesity and more.

Chickpeas nutrition – Dr. Axe

5. Helps Protect Against Heart Disease and Cancer
Cardiologists’ favorite benefit of chickpeas nutrition is that it supports heart health in a number of ways. Chickpeas have been shown to help balance unhealthy cholesterol levels, reduce hypertension and protect against heart disease in multiple ways.

This may be partially due to the high amount of fiber found in chickpeas nutrition, which helps people avoid overeating and gaining harmful excess weight, especially around the vital organs. Fiber works to create a gel-like substance in the digestive system that binds with fatty acids, helping balance cholesterol levels. Both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber have been show to be important in helping control and manage hypertension.

Beans help keep the arteries clear from plaque buildup, maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and decrease the chances of cardiac arrest and stroke. In fact, studies show that having just one daily serving (about 3/4 cup cooked) of beans of any kind can help decrease chances of a heart attack and help balance “bad” LDL cholesterol.

Consuming beans has also been shown in animal studies to have protective benefits against cancer, in particular colon cancer, due to their high fiber content. Garbanzo beans were demonstrated in research on mice to help stall cancerous cells from further forming. Because beans keep the digestive system, including the colon, free from harmful bacteria and toxic buildup, they create a healthier overall environment where pH levels are balanced, inflammation is reduced and therefore cancer cells cannot proliferate like they can in an unhealthy environment.

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