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30 Days Zero Waste Challenge

30 Days Zero Waste Challenge

Hey Eco Warrior!

This year is almost over and what better way to start the new year with tips on reducing waste. Last month I started decluttering my home which made me initiate the zero waste challenge. Join in and register for the 30 DAYS ZERO WASTE CHALLENGE

I am so excited to share The 30 DAY ZERO WASTE CHALLENGE with you. You can now join in at any time and receive daily collection of tips via the Facebook live I did in hope to inspire you and others to reduce waste. It can be started  any day of the week and if you miss a day no problem, simply head back to the challenge and do it when you can. If you don’t finish the challenge in 30 days don’t stress. Take your time as everyones journey is different! These are simple tips that we can all do that indeed will make a huge difference. What began as a declutter of my own home has exploded into a challenge with many joining in and making changes. I am truly grateful to see how many of you took part in the challenge.

Join me HERE and lets be the change together! Each day a new tip will be sent to you that will assist you in reducing waste. Simple changes amount to a big difference and even if you make a few changes this will have a huge impact to the environment and our planet. As a mother of two kids I am concerned for the future of my kids and theirs. What world will they live in if we don’t make changes now?

Joining in the 30 Day Challenge will enlighten you to the simple things that can be done. We can all do this no matter where in the world you live. The challenge can be adapted everywhere in the world. There is some specific information for those living in Bali that will make your journey to less waste even easier. Those of you not living in Bali no worries as the challenger is for everyone. You might need to seek out some of your local services but the challenge will definitely open your eyes to simple steps in reducing waste!

I look forward to seeing you in the challenge join me HERE


Love and Light to all

Silv x


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