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Home Grown Natural Beauty

Home Grown Natural Beauty

What we put on our skin gets absorbed straight into our body. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ? Lets focus on self care and natural beauty with our choice of locally sourced skin care.  The Zero Waste Bali product range is continuously growing. Focusing on locally sourced items to support the community is our mission. Find out more about three new suppliers that are in both the Kerobokan and Seseh stores and also available online.

Our Beauty Collection




AQUILA was born from the experience of their founder, when pregnant with her first child in 2011. After that, the founder started to establish the company and  in 2016 by having self-manufacturing factory.

AQUILA is a specialist in natural, organic skincare and cosmetics. Most of the products are made with local ingredients based on traditional wisdom, manufactured in special production facilities with hygienic processes referring to Good Manufacturing Practices and Indonesian regulations in Making Good Cosmetics, as well as national FDA (BPOM) and MUI Halal certification.

Aquilla product range is expanding and covers the following categories, face care, body care, hair care and skincare for pregnant and postnatal women, babies & children and also wellness products.


Aquilla Values:

  • 100% BPOM certified
  • Organic certified ingredients with RUM (Rational Used Medicine) & EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) Concept
  • Waste management: the packaging used can be processed, reused or send back to our factory
  • Using environmentally friendly materials & organic certified ingredients and does not use harsh chemicals
  • Optimizing the use of local ingredients for each product as our uniqueness
  • Carrying pre-marketing surveillance to post-marketing surveillance both against quality, effectiveness and preferences. Detect, assess and prevent adverse reactions by providing consultations to our customers before, after they buy our products and we’ll monitor special cases
  • Educate our customer about using the right product according to their needs


Why Natural Skincare:

  • Natural ingredients are more easily adapted to the skin
  • Complex ingredients in natural ingredients are more easily adapted to the skin
  • Less and no pesticide ingredients are good for health
  • Natural ingredients are more healthy and effective
  • Natural ingredients are more environmentally friendly

 This luxurious skincare range suits the ethos behind Zero Waste Bali by encompassing organic natural ingredients and reducing waste as best as possible.




SUKIME, invest their energy in creating a safe world for those who cannot speak out. As within, so without - We intend to provide the purest food for your skin that minimizes any kind of suffering, whether that be animal testing or completely leaving out chemicals and artificial preservatives that can irritate your skin and create unwanted side effects for your body.


“Suki” (好きです / すきです) means “like” or “love” in Japanese. 

The word Sukime was adopted in the brand name not only because founder Tim admired the focus and passion  of the Japanese, but also because the birth of Sukime came from the intention of giving our bodies what they truly deserve, and that is offering it all-natural, cruelty-free “food” inside and out.


Creating Vegan products is NOT a marketing strategy or a trend but what Sukime practice each day. It's their commitment to choosing all-natural, animal-friendly ingredients, as well as combining beauty and low waste in the packaging, so it's easy and pleasant for you to upcycle.  


Every product is hand-made in small batches with the intention to tune in to the physical and spiritual levels, allowing organic healing, transformation process to naturally unfold.

Sukime ticks all the boxes for a wonderful natural skin care range that is made in Bali with a pure intention of giving back. Something we adore at Zero Waste Bali.




From the Mother Nature to you. Embun Natural provides the complete range of all-natural skin & body care for the beautiful you. Just as its name; Embun means Morning Dew in Bahasa Indonesia, Embun Natural provides the purest & freshest products with ingredients derived from the natural goodness of Indonesia’s botanical heritages and combined with the amazing benefits of essential oils. Locally owned in Bali and women led, capturing women as a catalyst of positive change in the society.

Founded in 2015 by Nadia Bintoro and selling at Sunday bazaars and markets Embun’s humble beginnings grown into a business enterprise. Embun Natural products are free from Paraben, Sulfate and Palm Oil. Formulations are made using essential oils for its aroma and its natural healing benefits. For a few select items,  a minimum amount of fragrance is used to create a sensorial, enjoyable skincare experience. Aroma is always less than 0.5% of our formulations and all our aroma is a version of natural fragrance that’s actually derived from edible ingredients. Each product is meticulously crafted to highlight the best of natural ingredients while limiting the amount of chemical intervention in the products. 

Embun Natural believe that natural skin and body care products are not only better for our body but also kinder towards the environment. While convenient and cost less, commercial products are often packed with chemical ingredients, such as Paraben, Sulfate and Phthalates and mineral oils, that often have serious health repercussions.

Embun Natural shares the same vision with Zero Waste Bali to minimize waste in our daily life and protect the environment of Bali that we both called home. For our product selection in Zero Waste Bali, we created limited edition items which consist of their best selling products in a special glass packaging & aluminium tins that people can refill. These products are a limited collection and can only be found in select few stores, including at Zero Waste Bali.

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