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How To Start A Zero Waste Journey

How To Start A Zero Waste Journey


Going Zero Waste doesn’t mean you don’t produce trash.

It is a journey of simplifying what you already have, reducing material and plastic waste, re-purposing what you already have and recycling where ever possible. Having said that we are human’s have reached a point on Mother Earth where perhaps recycling isn’t a viable option.

If you are wanting to embark on a Zero Waste journey but are overwhelmed by it all, here are a few things that you could consider. Be realistic in your approach and go plastic free where ever you can. Remember that every small step that each and every one of us do will make a difference.

Reusable straws – Simply say No to plastic straws in any kind of drink like smoothies, cocktails or juices. Opt for taking a reusable straw like these STAINLESS STEEL which take minimal space in your bag and the oceans will thank you for it.


Material Bag – Take your own bag with you wherever you go. These are light, and easy to take around with you anywhere you go. A great idea is to keep an extra fold-able one or smaller one inside your everyday bag for those moments you get caught needing an extra one. Saying NO to single use plastic bags is a great game changer to the environment.


Handkerchiefs – Bring back the good old handkerchief like your parents and their parents used to use. Ditch the little plastic wrapped tissues and be an Eco warrior using fabric instead.

Reusable Utensils – Munching whilst on the go is something we all do. Keeping a set of reusable cutlery in your everyday bag will reduce the number of plastic cutlery ending in landfill.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Cotton produce bags are light and handy to have with you at all times. Fresh bread or fruits and veggies from the market don’t need to be taken home in thin plastic sleeves. A few cotton produce bags help you cut down on the packaging.


Glass containers  are  fantastic to keep in the car or with you especially when  you have the need for some take away meals. Refuse the plastic and non environment friendly packaging and bring your own instead to fill up.


Water bottles on the go are essential to stay hydrated with and easy to refill. There are many restaurants and cafe’s that are happy to refill your bottle and cheaper than buying single use plastic water bottles.

Reusable coffee cup or flask are an effortless way to purchase your favorite coffee or hot drink and help reduce your footprint to landfill waste.


Remember to take your reusable cup every where you go.

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