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Zero Waste Tips, Tricks and Treat for Halloween

Zero Waste Tips, Tricks and Treat for Halloween

Halloween is one of the celebrations adored by many as we get to let loose a little and be whoever we want for a day.

It is also a special occasion adored by many children as they get to do collects one of the kids’ favorite things: sweets! As fun as it may sound, truth is we are used to using a lot of single-use plastics when it comes to celebrating Halloween. From candies and chocolate wrappers aside, many of the costumes and decorations are used for
once and then thrown away. So, we thought to gather some of the useful tips you can apply for a lesser waste Halloween.

Don’t Buy New (Plastic) Treat Bucket

If you have one from last year, great! You can always reuse them again and again. But if this is not the case, you can always equip your little ghosts with what you have at home: cloth bags, basket, or even a cardboard box.

Rent or Buy Secondhand Costume

Instead of buying a pair of new costume, consider renting from a costume or party shop instead. Costume rental has plenty of options (and props) to choose from and that means you don’t have to choose between throwing away your ‘single-use’ costume or wearing the same one over the years. Shopping in a thrift shop also gives a second life to preloved clothing, you can either find a costume or get creative with different pieces of clothing’s.

Get Real

Try to incorporate real items into your decor as much as possible. The classic options are pumpkins, gourds, and some dried leaves. Once the celebration is over, you can cook the edible items and toss the rest into a composter. There are tons of ideas and inspirations that you can find online with tutorials to make various Halloween decorations. Spook The Human, Not Your Skin If you are planning to use body paints or make-up for your getup, make sure to avoid synthetic colorings that may contain dangerous toxins for your skin. Most over-the-counter
glitters are made of plastic, so you might want to avoid those too.

Plastic-Free Treats

Source: foodtown

Instead of giving individually wrapped candies, consider giving out loose candies in mini jars or small paper bags. You can always substitute the sweets with something healthier like low-sugar cookies, dried fruits, or even DIY cake-lollies.

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