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The new addition of Organic Grocery Store & Deli Seseh

The new addition of Organic Grocery Store & Deli Seseh


Address Jl Raya Bypass Munggu - Tanah Lot
Phone: +62 813-3937-6870

Zero Waste Bali is excited to announce its expansion with the launch of a new bulk food organic grocery store and deli in the community of Munggu Seseh Bali. You can find plastic-free, zero-waste, gluten-free, vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly, locally sourced products in our new grocery and deli! The collection has regular deli items and also a curated vegan deli selection.

Check out our Deli collection:

What To Expect:

The new addition of the deli will ensure that there are many delicious and locally sourced organic where possible products available. The store will feature locally sourced, unique, zero-waste, speciality and imported items to bring the community of Bali a wide range of options. The Bulk Food Organic Grocery Store offers a way to go plastic-free when you shop. The goal is not to rely on recycling single-use plastic, but to say no to single-use plastics for good.

All items in the store, including the deli, can be purchased or delivered to you plastic-free. Furthermore, there is a range of sustainable products which are organic, natural, fairtrade, vegan, with the majority of ingredients sourced directly from the Balinese community. 

The added option to pre order organic fruit and vegetables grown in Bali where the soil has been tested and certified is now available. Check out the organic fruit and vegetables HERE. Organic ethically raised meats are now available to order. Select from locally raised or imported certified meats free from chemicals and  hormones. Get in touch via WhatsApp to get all the meat products available to you. 

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At Zero Waste Bali Bulk Food Organic Grocery & Deli You Can:

  • Return your glass jars and get money back on your next purchase
  • Bring your own jars and bottles to purchase our refill products
  • Join up to our loyalty program and become a valued member
  • Have your zero waste shopping delivered to your home for free
  • Reuse & Repurpose 

More Refills With Our Bali Refillution

Join Bali’s First Refill Program! Bali Refillution is a program created by Zero Waste Bali to encourage us to refill instead of buying new. The subscription is fully customisable so that you may order any item across the entire online store. By joining the Bali Refillution it will save time, save you money and also work towards saving the planet. The Refillution is a subscription that allows you to place your order, change it, suspend or cancel it at any time. The subscription applies to all items in the store including our zero-waste bathroom and cleaning range and our wide range of groceries and delicious treats. Bulk refills can help us achieve a low-waste and sustainable future.

The store has over 600 amazing zero-waste products to choose from. Didn’t find what you are looking for? Our team is ready to assist you in any way they can to support your plastic-free journey.

We look forward to seeing you in store at Kerobokan or Seseh and if you can't make it, order online and we will deliver to you.

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