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Baked Tricolour Beans and Tomatoes

Baked Tricolour Beans and Tomatoes

Home cooked meals sure do have that loving feeling! We are excited to be collaborating with Photographer Jade Sharkel and Anyila from @Morningearthbali to be bring you weekly recipes. These recipes will tantilise your tastebuds, are simple and easy to make and you can get the ingredients in store or online! Going the extra mile we have calculated the recipe cost for you so that you know just how much it will be to make each dish at home. Cooking healthy meals at home just got even easier!

Have you tried making baked beans before? I don't mean simply reheating it from the can. Soaking beans, roasting tomatoes and creating a mouth watering meal is what I mean! Spicy baked beans on toast is a simple pleasure made extra tasty by soaking dried tricolour beans overnight, which actually activates their goodness and creates a silky texture inside the beans when cooked. Roasting cherry tomatoes in the oven make the juicy umami bomb tomato sauce. 

This dish is a great start to the morning or even can be used as a side dish. Full of protein and lyposene from the cooked tomatoes this will not only hit the hunger spot but give you a nutritional boost too. If you like a bit of a kick in the mornings then add in some chilli powder, flakes or some sambal. 

I recommend making a double batch and saving some for later in the week. Trust me you will want to have it again. Choose your choice of bread whether it be sourdough, gluten free, baguette or a multigrain. Slather the baked beans on top and enjoy. 


Baked Tricolour Beans and Tomatoes On Toast

Makes 2 - 4

Costing approx 55k (13k per serve of 4) not including choice of bread

2 cups of 8-10 hour soaked beans
2 cups cherry tomatoes
1/2 onion
1 large garlic clove or 2 small ones
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp cumin powder
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
Olive oil
Sea salt
Fresh herbs for garnish
Cosmic Chilli sauce,  chilli flakes, sambal (optional)

1. Start boiling your beans in about 4 cups water with 1 tsp sea salt. They will probably take around 45 minutes to cook. Don’t let them dry out of water!
2. Put your cherry tomatoes in a 200 degree oven with olive oil and sea salt and roast them until they’re caramelised and looking sun blushed - should be about 25 minutes
3. When your beans are fluffy and cooked on the inside, take them off the heat. Don’t worry if there is water left over, that’ll make up the sauce
4. Dice your half onion and sweat it in 2 tbsp olive oil on a low heat until its smelling really sweet and caramelised
5. Stir in diced garlic, paprika, cumin and apple cider vinegar to the onions
6. Chuck in your roasted tomatoes and crush them up
7. Stir in your beans with any left over water. Season with salt and pepper to your taste and if you feel the beans could be a little sweeter you could pop in a pinch of sweetener.
8. Fry your sourdough in a little bit of olive oil or toast and lather with vegan butter. Pile your beans on top. Add Cosmic Chilli, chopped herbs, vegan cheese or any other thing you like to jazz up your beans with.


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