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Our Social Impact


Zero Waste Bali provides products that enables our customers to live a ‘Zero Waste’ lifestyle, reduce overall consumption and minimise contribution to plastic waste.

We make impacts on ethical consumption through two channels, one being by offering bulk food and eco products at competitive prices and the other being by raising awareness through events and an active social media channel. 

Supporting the local community is important to us and our Bali family. We focus on having as many locally sourced products from Bali and Indonesia as possible. Did you know that 80% of our products are from Indonesia? 

It is fair to say that we as consumers have a fight on our hands. The global plastic consumption problem vs the people. Our struggle against single-use plastic and its place in society is at times overwhelming. That is why the Zero Waste Bali community is working every day to provide a solution. The Zero Waste Bali concept is the first of its kind in Indonesia and offers 100% plastic-free shopping alternatives. 


What is Zero Waste?

We consider zero-waste to be the saving of resources; reducing the production of plastic packaging and distributing products without causing damage to the environment or human health. It also considers the ongoing concern for the disposal of plastic waste into landfills and the threat that single-use plastic poses to the plant as a whole. 


Why can’t I just recycle?

The goal is to eliminate plastic at the source and effectively divert as much harmful plastic from landfill and ultimately our oceans as possible. Going zero-waste is the ultimate goal, however, if we all play our part in reducing our daily use of single-use plastic and actively make the swap to reusables then we are certainly moving in the right direction. 

At Zero Waste Bali we have one important goal: To offer plastic-free products that enable our customers an easy and affordable way to live a zero-waste lifestyle.


Our goal is achieved through two channels:

  1. A Bulk Food Store Selling Eco-Products At Affordable & Competitive Prices   

  2. Raising Awareness Of Critical Environmental Issues Through Our Social Media Channels

The good news is that we are seeing progress. The zero-waste community is growing stronger every day. More consumers are turning away from single-use plastic and embracing reusable products that are affordable and practical. 

Zero Waste Bali Social Impact: As measured by the University 

  • 13472 kilos of plastic packaging has been saved

  • 25260 single-use plastic HDPE bottles saved from landfill 

  • 8831 single-use plastic toothbrushes replaced with eco-friendly alternatives

  • 858667 single-use plastic straws have been avoided  

Zero Waste Bali is a small social enterprise that works to advocate for many social causes, including:

  • The protection of the environment on the island of Bali and across Indonesia 

  • Cleaning the beaches and oceans of plastic pollution and microplastic 

  • Creating a zero-waste movement and building a community 

  • Education - Raising awareness of critical issues through workshops and seminars

  • Supply Chain - Sourcing products from local suppliers and supporting Indonesian suppliers 

  • Opportunity - Employing staff at all levels of the business 

  • Equality - Offering affordable plastic-free products to ensure it is accessible for everyone 



Zero Waste Bali Social Impact 

Do reuseables really help save the environment?  

The answer is a resounding yes! Let’s take a look at one example: 

On average, one person can save $1236.00 USD per year by swapping single-use plastic water bottles for one reusable bottle. Over five years the average saving is estimated at $6180.00 USD. Considering that just one reusable bottle costs around $20.00 USD and lasts approximately five years we can easily see that a zero-waste alternative is both good for the environment, our health and our budget. Imagine how much money and wasteful harmful plastic a family of four can save annually. 

The easiest zero-waste swaps have the largest impact on the environment and include: 

  • A reusable water bottle to replace single-use plastic water bottles on a daily basis 

  • Reusable coffee cup made from glass or bamboo to replace the single-use plastic up and lid

  • Reusable straw made from bamboo or stainless steel to replace single-use plastic straws 

  • Reusable cutlery set to replace single-use cutlery such as spoons, forks and chopsticks

  • A biodegradable toothbrush to replace single-use plastic toothbrushes

  • A reusable tote bag and produce bags to replace single-use plastic bags and plastic produce bags

  • A set of bento boxes or reusable lunch containers to replace plastic takeaway containers and styrofoam packaging


Why Bali? (Indonesia) 

Bali is only one small island out of more than 17,500 across Indonesia. A tropical paradise, famous the world over for tourism, snorkelling, scuba diving, and spectacular beaches yet all of this is under threat. 

Did you know that Indonesia is the second-largest contributor of plastic in the ocean? The region has a significant plastic consumption problem, one that produces approximately 6.8 million tons of waste per year, over 625,000 tons of this plastic waste ends up directly in the ocean.




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