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Why Refill


What Is Bali Refillution? 

Bali Refillution is here to encourage us as consumers to refill more and recycle less.

Bali has long struggled with plastic pollution on land and sea. Lacking the resources of a centralised waste management system; plastic and other disposed waste are dumped
in the natural environment or burned daily.

Whilst recycling our plastic waste is beneficial, it is not always an option, so refilling what we already have is the number one way to eliminate single-use plastic in Bali. Sometimes to move forward, we must take a step back and see how a community embraced a slower pace of life, consuming less and refilling more.

Today, the concept of convenience has seen our use of single-use plastic increase to the point where we use more plastic in our daily lives than ever before. Changing our mindset from recycling to refilling is going to make a difference. Like many other regions in Indonesia, Bali does not have the facilities to sort, process and effectively recycle plastic waste. On average, the equivalent of a 10-ton truckload of plastic is dumped into the waterways around Indonesia every 20 minutes!

The good news is that Bali Refillution is a 100% plastic-free subscription that seeks to bring positive change and progress to the island of Bali and across Indonesia. Read on to learn more.

Bali Refillution Subscription

Join Bali’s First Refill Program! Bali Refillution is a program created by Zero Waste Bali to encourage us to refill instead of buying new. The subscription is fully customisable so that you may order any item across the entire online store. By swapping out plastic altogether for a refillable storage solution such as a glass jar, mason jar or paper bag; we eliminate any need to buy our groceries wrapped in plastic.

Bali Refillution will save you time and money. The subscription service ensures your eco-friendly, plastic-free items are delivered to you on time to restock your zero-waste supplies every month. Not only are the Zero Waste Bali items plastic-free, but they are locally made, sourced from natural ingredients on the island, meaning you are directly giving back to the community. This subscription is designed to work with you; convenience at your fingertips, allowing you to go plastic-free and saving you both time and money.

Storing body wash, soap, laundry detergent, and any other bulk-buy refill is easy to do and looks lovely in your home. If you don’t have time to visit the store, shop and refill your products, then the Bali Refillution subscription will deliver your items.

Our dream is to do the work for you and provide you with a way to go zero-waste with our eco products. The best part about our subscription is you just need to make your order once, and then you get to let our team do the rest! If you find you require a different eco product or add or remove an item from your subscription, you can easily do this very quickly; you can even choose to skip a delivery if necessary.

So all you need to do is:

  1. Set up your account profile
  2. Select your eco-friendly subscription items
  3. Decide on the size and frequency of the subscription
  4. Set up your payment and let the team do the work for you 

Kitchen & Cleaning

Bali recently banned single-use plastic bags. However, plastic bottles are still causing devastating harm to beaches and marine life. Our toxic chemicals from cleaning products often sold in bottles or smaller sachets are used and washed down into the natural waterways every day. The bottles are then discarded, and the cycle of purchasing single-use items continues. You can break this by ordering our cleaning and household products in refillable glass jars or amber bottles to be used more than once.

Body & Bathroom

Zero Waste Bali has a wide array of beautiful organic and all-natural body and bathroom eco products for you to add to your Bali Refillution subscription. They all look and smell delicious and are organic and plant-based. Beauty products are suitable for the whole family, made from gentle ingredients that benefit our skin and hair. Refill body and bathroom items are also highly concentrated; saving you money in the long-term.


Food is one of the largest contributors to single-use plastic packaging and a challenge for recycling. When we wander into the grocery store, we are met with plastic produce bags, single-use packets, plastic-wrapped fruit and vegetables and plastic bottles and straws. All items at Zero Waste Bali are delivered in reusable glass jars or wrapped in biodegradable packaging. All items offer you a way to enjoy healthy food at home, and our store is stocked with everything from healthy food snacks like granola to essential ingredients used in healthy meals like lentils and beans.

How Does Bali Refillution Help The Environment In Bali?

Making the switch to refilling bulk items has a lasting impact on the environment and lifts Bali’s waste system’s burden. For example: swapping shampoo (plastic single-use bottle) to our Zero Waste plastic-free shampoo bar will save roughly 2-3 bottles per 1 shampoo bar. Most conventional plastic shampoo bottles contain approximately  80% water , whereas shampoo bars are highly concentrated. Refilling provides us with a convenient and reliable zero-waste option for items we regularly purchase such as soap, shampoo, and everyday grocery products. 

Single-Use Plastic In Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s second-largest contributor to plastic waste following behind China. Furthermore, Indonesia has four of the top twenty most polluting river systems on earth. In 2018, the problem reached a crisis point on Bali’s island, so the government declared a  Garbage Emergency. More than three and a half miles of shoreline were declared an emergency zone at this time with over  200,000  pounds  of  garbage  being removed off the beach every day.

In 2020, single-use plastic still dominated the regions landfills, waterways and coastal ecosystems. There are days, even an entire season, where Bali’s most iconic beaches are completely covered in trash. The plastic we use momentarily out of convenience rarely gets recycled or reused, often breaking down over hundreds of years at sea.

Bali is a stunning place to travel, work and live. However, it is impossible further to ignore the issue of plastic waste in this region. More than 80% of Indonesia’s trash is unsorted, making it difficult to process or recycle. The statistics may be overwhelming but serve as a timely reminder of why we need to make a drastic change to how we shop. Indonesia generates approximately  24,500  tons  of  plastic every day, and more than 20% of household  plastic in Indonesia ends up in the local river systems.

Final Thoughts

The Bali Refillution is truly the way forward to going plastic-free at home. Imagine being able to reduce your need for single-use plastic and still have all the incredible healthy food and eco products that you love delivered to your door. Bali Refillution offers you a unique way to choose your plastic-free products, order them online and have them delivered to you when you need them. Bulk refills can help us achieve a low-waste and sustainable future.

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