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Almond Whole / Gram

Almond Whole / Gram - Zero Waste Bali

Almond Whole / Gram

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 Origin: USA

Almond Whole

Almonds are among the world’s most popular tree nuts. They are highly nutritious and rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

Suggested Uses

Almonds are most often eaten on their own as a snack but can also be added to salads, pastas, breakfast cereals, soups and baked goods.


Almonds are high in antioxidant (anti-aging and disease), vitamin E (good for the heart), high calcium and magnesium.


The top 4 benefits of Almonds :

1. They are a great brain food and are energising.

2. The high levels of vitamin E and phytochemicals, along with the low levels of saturated fats help to reduce the risk of cancer.

3. Almonds are a great source of nutrition. Being rich in vitamin E, B-Complex vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

4. Eating a handful of almonds will keep your heart going strong. As the monounsaturated fat content found in almonds is known to prevent heart disease and reduce cholesterol levels.

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