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Bamboo Cotton Buds 100 pieces / Each

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Bamboo Cotton Buds

These are a great plastic free, sustainable alternative to the plastic cotton buds we find so often on our beach cleans. Made from bamboo and soft cotton, these cotton buds are 100% biodegradable, vegan and eco-friendly.


Are you using plastic cotton buds? Then why not switch to bamboo? Our cotton buds are 100% biodegradable made from sustainable bamboo and organic cotton.

    • 100% Biodegradable
    • Made from sustainable bamboo and cotton
    • 1 pack  100 pieces

Cotton Buds:

How does something like a basic cotton bud cause harm to the planet? Turns out that cotton buds, or cotton tips, contain plastic. The Cotton Buds in the Bye Bye Plastic Box are made with bamboo and soft cotton. The microplastics end up in our waterways, and this creates a significant risk to our ecosystems. It is estimated that around 1.5 billion single-use plastic cotton buds are mass-produced every day. Thankfully, bamboo cotton buds will do the same job as the plastic ones, but they won’t stay around in the ocean for as long.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Vegan
  • Eco-Friendly  
  • Plastic-Free

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