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Coffee Blossom Honey 300g/ Each

Coffee Blossom Honey 300g/ Each - Zero Waste Bali

Coffee Blossom Honey 300g/ Each

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340g Coffee Blossom Honey

All natural, raw Coffee Blossom Honey from Guatemala. Medium sweet with a very pleasant caramel-apricot flavor. Plus a little kick of caffeine. Extra Light Amber in color, coffee blossom honey is medium sweet with a very pleasant caramel-apricot flavor that builds as the honey dissolves on your tongue. Some people also tell us it has a bit of a spicy aftertaste.

About Coffee Blossom Honey

While a fair amount of coffee blossom honey is made around the world in Asia, South America and Africa, it is hard to line up dependable sources for high quality honey. We now have a good source from a coffee plantation in Finca Vista Hermosa, located in the highlands of western Guatemala. This honey comes from the nectar of arabica coffee plants. Both the nectar and the honey do contain some caffeine. At least one study found that this caffeine boosts memory in bees, helping them to return to the same flowers again and again until the nectar is all collected.

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