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Kalika Besswax Wrap Large

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Kalika Beeswax Wrap Large

KALIKA Beeswax Food Wrap is an eco-friendly alternative (to plastic wrap) storage solution that helps keep your perishables fresh longer.

This single pack size Large will keep your flashy bundles of stalky, leafy greens well behaved with this large wrap. Or, if all your other wraps are in use, wrap yourself an origami box and chuck all your loose items in there!

What do I use KALIKA beeswax wrap for?
Greens wilting or mushrooms drying out before you get the chance to use them? Halves of lemons, avocados, and apples rotting in corners of your fridge? A beeswax wrap can be a great way to reduce food waste. It is breathable so your food doesn’t sweat and it keeps its fresh longer. Give your fridge a quick skim and see which foods can get a second chance. These wraps are great to pack sandwiches and snacks in, too.

Our wraps are made to last and be loved unconditionally for as long as you're willing to stay loyal. With proper care, it typically lasts up to one to two years and can be re-waxed, or simply sent to your compost bin once it’s no longer sticky.

KALIKA Beeswax Wrap Ingredients
We use 100% natural ingredients to make our wraps, by hand! We begin by pre-cutting our purposefully measured woven cotton fabric to size, and then infusing the fabric in a special blend of Sumatran jungle wild forest beeswax, tree resin and coconut oil.

What to wrap and not to wrap
Wrap: Greens of any kind (leafy and stalky), aged cheese quarters, aromatics, herbs, breadloaf, mushrooms, fruit and veggie halves.

Do not wrap raw meats (beef, chicken, turkey etc.), fresh fish, hot foods and any liquids. Read more tips in

How to take care KALIKA beeswax wrap
Remember our nifty mnemonic: WRAP!
Wipe it with a clean dish towel or wash in cool water without any soap.
Remove grease by adding some mildly soapy water and gently clean with your fingers.
Avoid actions that excessively manipulate the wrap, hot water and strong dish soap.
Place it to air dry before reusing.
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