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Oat Cereal / Porridge / Each

Oat Cereal / Porridge / Each - Zero Waste Bali

Oat Cereal / Porridge / Each

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Porridge oats are a whole grain  providing  a healthy and natural source of fiber. Bursting with health benefits and are high in protein, potassium, Vitamins E and B. Oats release energy slowly while being digested, stabilizes blood sugar levels and stops the cravings for sugary treats.

The oats are blended to a fine consistency and gently cooked with coconut milk for added nutrition. Babies and kids will love our naturally sweet tasting porridge to which you can add and your preferred choice of milk when re heating.  Top with  fruits of choice, yogurt or a Mini Muncher fruit puree.

Suitable from 6 months plus until Adult

Serving Size : 200g

Ingredients : organic oats, organic coconut milk, organic fruits, organic yogurt or organic Mini Muncher fruit puree

Healthy baby toddler kids delivery food catering Bali using organic ingredients where ever possible.

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