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Organic Corn Flour / Gram

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Organic Corn Flour

Origin : Indonesia

Corn which is also called maize, Zea mays (botanical name) is one of the most popular cereals in the world. Corn is a large grain crop said to have originated from Central America and Mexico. Corn flour can be the main ingredient in bread, muffins or grave thickeners. Nutritional values of yellow or white corn flours are the same, and both can be a part of a balanced diet.

5 Health Benefits of Corn

Asides from its sumptuous sweet taste, corn is high in fiber, a good source of essential nutrients and low in fat which offers a bunch of health benefits shown below :

1. Energy

Corn flour is considered as a starchy food due to its high amount of carbohydrates that provide you long term and short term. It also aids proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. A cup of corn flour provides close to 29 grams of carbs. This is beneficial to athletes because they need more carbs to optimize their exercise performances. Furthermore, corn is a complex carb producer, so it gets digested at a slow pace; providing you with balanced energy levels.

2. Helpful During Pregnancy

Corn flour which is a rich source of folic acid is particularly beneficial to pregnant women. When there is a deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women, there is a high percentage risk of giving birth to underweight kids, and it could lead to neural tube defects at birth. So it is of great benefits to pregnant women and their unborn infants if they can include meals made from corn flour in their diets.

3. Cardiovascular Benefits

It is said that corn flour has an anti-atherogenic effect on cholesterol levels; thereby, protecting against heart diseases and complications. Corn flour is beneficial for the heart’s health as it contains an optimal fatty acid combination, which enables omega-3 fatty acids remove damaging cholesterol and replace them.

4. Healthy Skin Maintenance

Corn flour is a rich source of beta carotene which makes up Vitamin A that is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin. Lycopene and Vitamin C are antioxidants that prevent ultra violet rays from damaging the skin. They increase the production of collagen which assists in maintenance of smooth skin.

5. Hair Improvements

The regular consumption of corn flour products strengthens the hair follicles due to the presence of antioxidants like Vitamin C that helps in maintaining smooth hair. Corn flour products also help to add sheen to your hair among other benefits.

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