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Organic Dark Brown Sorghum Sugar / gram

Organic Dark Brown Sorghum Sugar / gram

Organic Dark Brown Sorghum Sugar / gram

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Origin: South East Asia

Organic Dark Brown Sorghum Sugar / gram

Sorghum sugars can be used both for serving food and drinks daily, also good as a complement for cakes, bread and cooking.

Selected sorghum sugar is made in a hygienic process. The minerals and vitamins contained will be benficial to your body's health if consumed considerably.

  • Reduced diabetic risk
  • Reduced the risk of cancer
  • Improves digestive function
  • Improve blood vessel function
  • Prevent stroke
  • Maintain bone function
  • Improve the performance of heart function
  • Prevent osteoporosis & arthritis
  • Smooth blood circulation

Sorghum sugars receive a low glycemic certificate issued by the Food Science and Technology Lab - IPB. Number 305A-15/FL/4.2.4/LDITP

Nutritional information:

serving size 7gr

0 g Fat

0 g Protein

6 g Carbohidrat

165 ppm Calcium

38 ppm  Kalium

44 ppm Natrium

6 g Sucrose

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