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Pitted Prunes / Gram

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Origin: USA

Pitted Prunes

Prunes are a powerhouse of nutrients and adding them to your daily diet can provide you with a plethora of health benefits. Prunes have a high sugar content, which allows them to be dried without fermenting. They€™re also high in fiber, which can help you regulate your bowels and your bladder.

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Prunes

Prunes are known to relieve constipation and may help protect against disease. Here are more of their amazing health benefits :

1. Healthier Vision

Macular degeneration, dry eyes, and night blindness are the most common symptoms of vitamin A deficiency. Prunes are very beneficial in promoting a healthy vision as they provide up to 3% of the daily recommended value for vitamin A. They are also rich in Carotene, which is an essential phytonutrient that helps boost overall eye health and prevent macular degeneration.

2. Anti-Cancer

Prunes are rich in antioxidants which prevent the onset of chronic illnesses such as cancer. Selenium, Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and other phytonutrients make prunes a powerhouse of anti-cancerous elements. Prunes are also a rich source of plant phenols that protect various organs of the body from oxidative stress. Cancer in most cases is the result of free radical damage to parts of the body. The amount of antioxidants in prunes is much higher than that of blueberries.

3. Cardiovascular Health

Food that is rich in potassium and dietary fiber keep the cardiovascular system in good health. Potassium acts as a vasodilator and is responsible for the proper function of the nervous system throughout the body. Dietary fiber unclogs your arteries and removes excess fat from your blood vessels to ensure adequate regulation of blood to and from the heart. Prunes are rich in fiber and potassium, which makes them an ideal snack for anyone suffering from heart problems.

4. Fight Anemia

Anemia can be very damaging to the overall health of the human body. This is effects the production of red blood cells in the body and causes severe fatigue and harms the most vital organs in the body. Prunes are an excellent source of folates, iron, zinc and copper which is ideal to keep the red blood cell production in check and also prevent the levels of hemoglobin from going below the ideal point.

5. Immunity Boost

The human body has a mechanism that needs to be strong enough to keep it safe internally from diseases and infections. The antioxidants and vitamin C in prunes provide an ideal boost that the immune system needs. Vitamin C is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants that helps keep various physical and internal diseases at bay.

6. Healthy Digestion

Prunes have been a part of digestive medicine since the use of Greek medicine. Concoctions to heal the gut were prepared for the use of prunes. Prunes are rich in fiber and various minerals that ensure healthy bowel movement and reduce the symptoms of constipation.

7. Relieves Cramps

Prunes are rich in fiber and antioxidants, which makes them an ideal snack for relieving cramps. They show antispasmodic properties and are also good for reducing PMS symptoms.

8. Anti-inflammatory

Prunes have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation anywhere within the body. The presence of thiamin and riboflavin make it an ideal food for reducing inflammation and infection in the body.

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