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Vegan Pantry Starter

Vegan Pantry Starter - Zero Waste Bali

Vegan Pantry Starter

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We have set up an amazing vegan starter box to make your shopping super quick and easy. This starter pack will help you nourish your body and is a great foundation to begin a plant based diet.

How does it work?

We have included a large selection of the most popular vegan items. Nuts, seeds, pulses and grains to get you going on your way!

What's in the box?

Du Poy lentils 500g / Non Organic chickpeas 500g / Brown Rice 500g  / Almonds 200g / Split Cashews 200g / Sunflower Seeds 200 / Pumpkin Seeds 150 / Granola 200g / Cornstarch 200g / Organic Flax Seeds 200g / Dried Raisin 200g / Pitted Dates 200g / Vegetable stock paste 


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