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White Pepper Powder / Gram

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White Pepper Powder

Origin : Indonesia

White pepper is the solely of seed of pepper plant. White pepper is recommended to those suffering from loss of appetite as it enhances appetite and promotes gastrointestinal function. It is used to treat constipation as it supports large intestine peristalsis and accelerates metabolism.

The 8 Benefits from White Pepper

White pepper health benefits can not be underestimated, just like other spices, white pepper also can prevent cancer, and useful for weight loss. Here are some health benefits to the health of white pepper :

1. Assist weight loss

White pepper contains capsaicin that assists in burning fat. So due to this the medicines for weight loss contain capsaicin as an active ingredient. Add a dash of this spice to the food to improve the digestion.

2. Cure cough

White pepper is a decongestant and is hot in nature. The heat produced by it clears nasal passage by providing relief from congestion. White pepper when combined with raw honey acts as antibiotic and counteracts nasal tract infections by providing relief from cough and cold.

3. Healthy heart

Being hot, white pepper can even make sweat. The expulsion of fluids from the body is good for heart health. Excess presence of fluids around the heart puts strain and affects the function of heart. Excess retention of water strain on lungs makes difficult to breathe. White pepper helps to effectively flush out fluids.

4. Enhance eyesight

White pepper when combined with aniseed, almond powder and sugar to tone the heat in spice.

5. Exfoliate skin

White pepper when freshly crushed acts as excellent shrub helps to eliminate dead skin cells by providing soft skin. It is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins and flavonoids that promote blood circulation by providing the younger look of skin.

6. Prevent gas

White pepper has carminative properties that prevent the formation of gas in intestines. It promotes hydrochloric secretion in stomach which supports digestion and promotes smooth functioning of intestines.

7. Strengthen bones

White pepper is a great source of minerals such as copper, magnesium and manganese which supports bones strength especially aging women whose bones weakens as they ages.

8. Prevent cancer

Chilies and peppers are known for tis immune enhancing properties. Research has shown that capsaicin which provides hot and spicy flavor that is able to counteract cancerous cells. It has shown that it effectively treats prostate cancer.

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