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White Vinegar / Gram

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White Vinegar

White vinegar, sometimes called distilled or spirit vinegar, has been a mainstay in households worldwide for thousands of years. It's easy to understand why. This versatile liquid presents a treasure trove of uses for cleaning, gardening and cooking. It even has medicinal applications, too.

Benefits of using White Vinegar

1. Anti-Hypertensive Effect

Obese people are also at risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension). The €œacetic acid content of vinegar is reported to also cause an antihypertensive effect,€ reports the Journal of Food Science, basically by relaxing the blood vessels.

2. Diabetes Effects

No physician is touting vinegar as an adjunct therapy for the treatment of diabetes or pre-diabetes €“ at least not yet. But the Journal of Food Science study also notes that €œother positive health effects of daily consuming vinegar reported include improving blood glucose response, which would be of benefit to diabetic patients.€ Put another way, vinegar could reduce the effects of diabetes.

3. Upper-Respiratory Effects

You may not want to plant a kiss on someone after you gargle with 1 tablespoon of vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water. But your sore throat may not sting as much, either. Afterward, adding some vinegar to a vaporizer can help break up chest congestion.

4. Antibacterial Effects

Vinegar's antibacterial properties make it conducive to treating facial blemishes. And as for those expensive, store-bought toners? They may be dwarfed by a cotton ball soaked with some white vinegar. The acetic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids in white vinegar help it function efficiently as a toner, tightening pores and leaving a fresh feeling.

5. Anti-Burn Effects

White vinegar is often used to treat and soothe a variety of skin burns and inflammations, including abrasions, minor cuts, rashes, insect stings and sunburn.

6. Anti-Fungus Effects

Most people keep toenail fungus under wraps. You may not have to after soaking another cotton ball with white vinegar and rubbing it into your toenails several times a day until the condition goes away.

7. Anti-Dandruff Effects

A dry, itchy scalp is often the first sign of impending dandruff, and vinegar can help soothe both maladies. Stir 1/2 cup of vinegar in 2 cups of water and rinse your hair with this mixture after shampooing.

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